Saturday, December 18, 2010

Animal Attraction: Austin Bans Retail Sales of Dogs and Cats

The Austin, Texas, City Council has approved an ordinance to prohibit retail sales of dogs and cats at pet stores, a measure that will help crack down on inhumane puppy mills. The ordinance was originally proposed in July by David Lundstedt, the vice-chair of the Austin Animal Advisory Commission, which unanimously recommended that the City Council pass such a prohibition.

The ordinance makes Austin the first city in Texas to ban the sale of all dogs and cats at retail establishments and one of only a handful of cities in the nation to close off a primary channel for the sale of dogs and cats produced in cruel puppy and kitten mills. Puppy mill dogs are primarily sold through commercial pet stores or directly to consumers over the Internet.

“We commend the humane leaders of Austin for recognizing the direct link between inhumane puppy mills and commercial pet store sales of dogs and cats," said The HSUS' Texas senior state director Nicole Paquette. “By drying up the demand for puppy mill dogs, the ordinance will boost adoptions for area animal shelters and rescue groups and increase opportunities for responsible dog breeders."

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