Monday, June 21, 2010

New Cat Tree!

As I mentioned a little while ago, the wonderful people at CSN Stores have offered Jazzpurr a Cat Tree for us to review. CSN Stores is an amazing online site that has over 200 stores to choose from with everything from pet supplies to sofas.Well, the cat tree has arrived and the cats couldn't be happier! Especially our newest resident Domino who has been spending most of his time playing on it.

Those of you who already have cat trees already know how much cats love them. Here are some of the many benefits of owning a cat tree:
  • Cats love to be up high so they can watch over their domain. If you're having trouble keeping your cat off high perches such as bookshelves, consider getting a cat tree to satisfy their need to be up high. 
  • Cats love to climb up trees as many firefighters know! If you have an indoor cat, you can keep your cat happy by giving them all the benefits of being outside without any of the hassles (e.g. having to call the fire department to get your stuck kitty down from a tree). 
  • Being able to sharpen their claws on something that won't get them in trouble (e.g. your new couch!) will keep your cat happy and amused.

For all these reasons and more, the cats can't enough of the new cat tree. If you are interested in getting your cat one, CSN Stores have some amazing selections that won't break the bank. Click here to check out all the cat trees CSN stores have to offer. And if you are interested in the one Jazzpurr received, you can purchase it here.

And we wanted to give a big THANK YOU to CSN Stores for sending us this cat tree. We are a small shelter and the majority of our funds go to vet bills and food. So whenever someone is able to help us out in any way, we really appreciate it and are very grateful!

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