Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cat Owner Testimony

 If you're still on the fence about whether or not to adopt a cat, here is a testimony from one of Jazzpurr's hard working volunteers:

"Having a pet or pets is a wonderful experience.  And cats are so different from any other pet.  They don't want to be cuddled unless they themselves want it.  They don't want to play unless they want to play.  They really are a very independent sole.

It's wonderful to come home at night to have Pudi great me at the door, as I live alone.  The two sit and watch while I eat.  They sleep with me taking up most of the queen-size bed. In the early hours of the morning Pudi puts her whiskers on my fact to see if I'm awake yet.  Then she'll attack my hand because she's ready to arm-wrestle.

Whenever I'm on the telephone Pudi has to get up on my lap to be rubbed.  Anytime I'm on the computer there's Genie sitting in front of the screen, then walking back and forth over the keyboard, then onto my lap for cuddling.  If I don't tell him I'm going downstairs he hollers till I call him and let him know where I am.  He sits beside me on the couch, then when I get up he takes my warm spot.

To train Genie to use the cat water fountain, I had to pretend I was drinking from it for about five days.  Now he thinks he is really smart cause he can do it.  Every morning Genie has to come downstairs with me to clean out the pooh boxes.

They are really great company and a comfort all round."

-Pat, owner of 2 happy cats

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