Sunday, January 17, 2010

Norfolk cat found frozen in snow survives

A cat found frozen in the snow has made a miraculous recovery.

Annie, a 13-year-old tuxedo cat, disappeared during snowstorm in early December on the day her family was moving. After Annie had been missing for five weeks, her family feared the worst.

This past weekend, Animal Control officers received a call regarding Annie.“Basically, when I picked her up, she had no signs of life. She was stiff, she was unconscious, cold to the touch and not responding to anything,” said Hilary Cohen, a Norfolk Animal Control officer. Yet Annie started to move about once she was inside the cruiser.

“I realized driving down the road that her whiskers started twitching, and I realized we needed to work on this cat right away,” said Cohen. Annie received fluids and heat therapy for nourishment. She also was treated for frostbite. The cat is recovering nicely and expected to go home some time next week.

“She had a strong heart and a strong will to live that was just incredible,” said Alison.

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