Monday, November 16, 2009

Santa Monica, San Francisco ban cat declawing; L.A., Beverly Hills, Berkeley to have final votes this week

With a state-imposed deadline drawing closer, California cities are in the midst of making final decisions on whether to ban cat declawing within their borders.
The Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Berkeley city councils are scheduled to have final votes at their Tuesday meetings on ordinances that would ban animal declawing. All three had voted unanimously in favor of bans on first readings of the measures.
The Santa Monica City Council voted last week 5 to 1 to adopt an ordinance banning cat declawing. Under the new ordinance, which takes effect Dec. 10, onychectomy (declawing) or flexor tendonectomy may be performed only to address a medical condition of the cat. Violations would be a misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine, six months in jail, or both.
Santa Monica City Councilman Kevin McKeown, in an earlier interview, said there had been an "outpouring of support" in favor of the ban, and added, "I think it's important that the council try to make our laws reflect the values of our community."

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