Monday, October 5, 2009

Female cat comes to aid of hungry Chihuahua pup

Heather Allen of the Halo Animal Rescue says she has never seen something like this before in her 15 years of saving animals.

A one-hour-old Chihuahua lost its mom while giving birth and a black cat steps up to nurse the pup. "It's pretty comical, even for us who have been around forever, we just keep looking with amazement."

A week ago Allen was left with quite the life-saving challenge.  "I called Animal Control and I said 'What do you have for me that's nursing'?" The best Animal Control had was a black cat with four babies roughly the same size as the baby Chihuahua.

No problem so far. The pup is now a week old and thriving. However, Allen says the pup might not be litter trained by the time it is adopted.

Watch the video here

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