Monday, September 28, 2009

Cat Spotlight - Kitty

Kitty is the rock star at the shelter! He is one of Jazzpurr's most famous cats - and for all good reasons! People can't believe that such a big cat can have such a big heart to match. He is a Maine Coon cat and definitely lives up to their reputation for being "gentle giants". He has a remarkably beautiful coat and has the famous marking of the letter "M" on his forehead that Maine Coons are known to have. He is very easy going and loves to sit on people's laps where he can purr the day away. Many people can't believe that no one has adopted such a special guy yet, but it is most likely  due to the fact that the vets believe that Kitty could have some type of cancer after he lost a little bit of weight and some fur some time ago. However, he is doing much better now and his appetite is definitely back (he finishes everyone and anyone's leftovers at dinner). A check up to the vet might prove that he is 100% okay, so he hopes you don't hold this against him when thinking about adoption.

If you want to see Kitty in action, feel free to watch some of his video clips below. If you would like to see more pictures of Kitty, check out his photobucket album here

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